Lower Greenville fans of Bbbop's Korean fried chicken will have to head north (or way south) for a wing.
Lower Greenville fans of Bbbop's Korean fried chicken will have to head north (or way south) for a wing.
Kathy Tran

Yet Another Lower Greenville Restaurant Bites the Dust

It's been a rough summer for Lower Greenville Avenue restaurants. In June, we lost two: Pints & Quarts, which closed to focus on its new Oak Lawn location, and the Blind Butcher, a neighborhood mainstay.

Now, another restaurant has thrown in the towel: Bbbop. As CultureMap reports, the Lower Greenville location of the locally owned restaurant closed July 13 after three years in business. The Upper Greenville and Oak Cliff Bbbop locations remain open.

The Lower Greenville location was Bbbop's second, and owners Sandra and Greg Bussey say they learned a few things along the way. They've since opened the Oak Cliff location and Chicken Moto, a Korean fried chicken restaurant. But Lower Greenville was a different animal, they told CultureMap:

"One surprising thing they learned about the area is that, despite the high density of residents nearby, more of their customers came from outside the neighborhood — a completely different reality from their location in Oak Cliff.

"'Nearly 50 percent of our business at the Greenville restaurant was Uber and Caviar,' she says. 'The Greenville Avenue neighborhood doesn't come out — they want to be delivered to. Uber and Caviar are great, but for restaurants, they take a big cut of your profits.'"

Restaurants on Lowest Greenville have long lamented long-term construction (which has wrapped up), high rents, lack of parking, and the neighborhood's midnight bar and restaurant curfew as barriers to success in the retail district.

Bbbop, 5323 Greenville Ave. (Upper Greenville), 828 W. Davis St. (Oak Cliff)

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