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Charcuterie Board Spot, Graze Craze, Makes its Way to Plano

The Lone Grazer board.
The Lone Grazer board. Anisha Holla
Graze Craze recently opened up its first North Texas location in Plano. The concept comes from Oklahoma and revolves entirely around the charcuterie board, which originated in 15th-century France.

The charcuterie board concept has been trending for a while now. Rustic wooden boards piled high with freshly cut cheese, meat, bread, fruit and spreads make it almost impossible to pull out your camera before digging in. Graze Craze is no exception. Its boards come with neatly sliced meats, whipped-up spreads and strategically placed fruits to create an eye-catching display of shapes, colors and textures.
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Graze Craze is now open Plano.
Anisha Holla
Graze Craze offers dozens of customizable board varieties to cater to almost any palate, diet or taste. The Gone Grazey Classic is the cleverly named standard option: savory ingredients like hatch chili cheese, rosemary crackers, peppered salami and artisan bread are balanced with sweet jams, berries and chocolate bark. You can experiment with mixing the sweet and savory, or enjoy the taste of each ingredient separately. One of the best parts of the charcuterie experience is that it’s completely up to you to create.

Other charcuterie options include the Grazey For Keto, a board loaded with keto-friendly cheeses, meats and dips. The Vegegrazian ($12) has mainly fruits, vegetables and cheeses. Each board is individually crafted by what Graze Craze terms a “Grazologist,” someone who, we assume, has mastered the art of slicing, arranging and assembling on a board.
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A grab-and-go meal from Graze Craze.
Anisha Holla
The charcuterie here comes in 5 different sizes, depending on the number of people whom you plan to share with. Grab a charcuterie cup ($10) or a grab-and-go board ($15) in-store if you’re just looking to sample the charcuterie world on your own. If you’re looking to eat a heavier meal or to share with a few friends, you can order the Picnic Box ($85), which serves two to four people, or the full-size grazing board ($130) which serves around six.

It’s hard to expect a filling meal from the sample-size portions that come with each board. But trust us: small bites of meat and cheese can add up to a lot. Expect an empty board and a full stomach.

Graze Craze operates as a to-go-only joint, so place your order a few hours in advance for either pick-up or local delivery. All boards are made of cold-cut ingredients, which means there’s no extra prep work beyond the few clicks it takes to order.

Graze Craze, 1101 Ohio Drive, No. 116, Plano. Monday – Saturday, 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
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