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Burglars Hit 2 Dallas Restaurants Early on Easter Sunday

The window of Rex's Seafood on Northwest Highway after the recent break-in.
The window of Rex's Seafood on Northwest Highway after the recent break-in. courtesy Rex's Seafood
Early Easter Sunday morning, two men broke into Rex’s Seafood and Mimi’s Pizzeria on Northwest Highway.

The target of the two burglaries was cash. At Mimi’s, the thieves took around $200 from the register and coins from video game machines, and at Rex’s they opened all four cash drawers (two were empty).

“Definitely an Easter I won’t forget,” says Beau Bellomy, owner of Rex’s. “We’re definitely seeing support from the community. A lot of people are asking about it.”

Bellomy will have to replace a window and door smashed by the burglars, who used a metal trash can lid and the lock from Mimi’s door to break in. But he notes with amusement that they left his laptop in the store, instead taking cash, an “old iPhone 5 that we use to play music” and a bottle of Patron Tequila.

Jetmir Ahmedi, owner of Mimi’s, says security camera footage caught the burglars.

“Sunday morning around 5:15, our cameras caught somebody [who] turned our lock and opened our door,” Ahmedi says. “It’s not that clear of a picture because the lights were off. It’s two guys. The police took some fingerprints and stuff like that, but they were wearing gloves.” Bellomy adds that even the race and size of the suspects are unclear.

Both business owners say the coronavirus outbreak has affected them relatively lightly. Sales at Mimi’s are down about 30%, with takeout orders going strong but the lunch crowd lost.

“I’m just happy to be open,” Ahmedi says. “I’m glad to keep all my employees working.”

Rex’s still has strong sales on its market side, where Bellomy has added dairy products, eggs, beef and chicken to his seafood offerings.

“We’ve definitely seen a lot of support from the community, and we’re seeing some of our customers from the Dallas Farmers Market location driving up here to support us,” Bellomy says.

Windows are fixed! Seafood cases are stocked! Thank you so much for all the love and support over the last few weeks and...

Posted by Rex's Seafood and Market on Friday, April 17, 2020
But Bellomy wants his fellow restaurant and market owners around Dallas to learn from his Easter experience.

“We had a pretty busy Friday and Saturday,” he explains. “Everybody was pretty beat. It’s my fault for wanting to get home and not emptying all the drawers. If you're open, be careful, clear out cash drawers, hide everything, do whatever you gotta do to be safe.”
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