Dallas' Five Best Dishes To Eat In Front of Vegetarians

Everyone's got the right to make their own decisions when it comes to food choices, so why not take the opportunity to show all your vegetarian friends that you made the right one by eating Dallas' most hedonistic protein dishes? Don't just eat meat but gorge on all the delicious animal parts you can.

These are City of Ate's five favorite such dishes, including our recent Best Of Dallas® winner for best dish to guiltily savagely eat in front of vegetarians. Get more of Dallas' best with our Best Of app, available for the Droid and the iPhone.

Smoke's Big Rib (pictured above)
There's no denying what's on your plate when you order this dish at Smoke. While flesh can be ground, molded, shaped and stuffed into a terrine to resemble any number of things, a bone is a bone, and this dish is straight up animal parts. Make baby cow noises while you pick up the rib and gnaw at it. Your friend will stay a vegetarian forever -- which means more meat for you.

The Grape Burger Nothing says carnage like ground meat. Why not horrify your vegetarian friend with a massive burger topped by bacon? While brunching one weekend I watched a small child become frustrated while trying to manage what was a sizable hunk of beef. I think there were tears in her eyes. For extra gratuitous anti-vegification, order yours with extra pig strips.

Meddlesome Moth's Bone Marrow If a large bone protruding from a huge hunk of tender braised meat isn't enough, why not split one with a band saw to expose delicious marrow? Perfectly roasted, marrow spreads like rich, unctuous butter, cut with the tangy zing of caper-laden salsa verde.

Saigon Block's Whole Catfish I once had a friend with the most ridiculous food rule. She wouldn't eat anything with eyes. It makes sense, I suppose -- it's hard to take your fork and knife to something that's staring you down. Saigon Block's whole catfish boasts crisp delectable skin garnished in fresh spring onions and fried onions. Ignore the tears of animal guilt.

Local's Foie Gras Foie gras farmers were handed a serious blow when California issued a statewide ban on the pricey delicacy. Fight back by consuming all the delicious fattened duck liver you can. Local's foie isn't a little pâté spread on a tiny cracker: It's sliced, seared and served with house-made Texas toast and drizzled lightly with blueberry compote. Bring your vegetarian friends and show them what they're missing.

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