Would You Dine in a Yurt?

Dining in a yurt: How Marfa of Resy.
Dining in a yurt: How Marfa of Resy. Pexels
Introducing another pivot for the year 2020: outdoor-ish dining, this time in a yurt.

Reservation app Resy released word Monday that “yurt villages: a one-of-a-kind outdoor dining experience” is going to be available at 13 restaurants across the U.S. this winter.

The collection of heated tents is popping up at restaurants throughout the nation, including restaurant Arlo Grey in Austin. There's one catch: It’s only available to American Express cardholders.

It’s surely just one announcement of many we’re going to get as temperatures cool for winter. In Dallas, we’ve already spoken to a number of restaurant operators who say it’s hard to get their hands on heaters — others stocked up in warmer months and they’re ready for the season.

But as more restaurants take advantage of eased parking requirements and possible parklets, maybe it — or something like individualized, heated, outdoor dining — is something that could come to our local spots.

Considering one can be contained only with their household, the situation sounds better than completely encasing a full, once-outdoor patio. (How on earth people feel that’s safer is beyond me.)

In the case of these 13 restaurants, the yurts work for reservations of two to six people with prix fixe menus.

Reservations (again, only for those cardmembers) open at noon Nov. 18 if you feel like driving at least three hours for this dining experience. (Be sure to select “yurt” if you make such a reservation.)
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