Snuffer's to Rebuild Iconic Greenville Location

The original Snuffer's location at 3526 Greenville Ave. is going away soon. But, not to worry your little cheddar fries-laced arteries. The old spot is coming down so a new spot can go up. Late Sunday night Snuffer's announced via their Facebook page plans to rebuild:

"In March 1978 we were building Snuffer's on Lower Greenville. Now, March 2013, we're back at it ... this time building a completely NEW Snuffer's!"

Snuffer's has achieved icon status in the Dallas greasy burger market, for either one thing or another, the very least of which are certainly their famed cheddar fries,

When this spot originally opened in 1978, the one dining room sat only 55 customers. Owner Pat Snuffer added additional room to accommodate the growing crowds and eventually was able to seat, according to their site 350 guests.

All the employees from the Greenville location have been sent to work at other Snuffer's locations around the area so that when the restaurant reopens, familiar faces will be back.

"We closed for reconstruction last night," wrote Pat Snuffer in an email this morning. "The new building will look and feel like the old one, with many of the same design elements."

In March, Snuffer's Restaurants Inc., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection because of debt incurred during the recession. However, the filing did not include the Plano and Greenville restaurants. The company's bankruptcy lawyer Steve McCartin told The Dallas Morning News that all Snuffer's restaurants would be offered to sell to raise cash for the bankruptcy filing.

Pat Snuffer had no comment regarding the ownership status of the Greenville restaurant.

There are six other Snuffer's locations throughout the area for your cheddar fries fix. The new spot is expected to open in early fall.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.