The Cedars Food Park Starts Friday Night Service (Hopefully Sans Aerial Spraying This Time)

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The Cedars Food Park at Dallas Heritage Village is adding regular Friday night service to its line-up, in addition to the already rolling Thursday nights.

"Alfresco Fridays" will last from 6 to 10 p.m. and will continue every Friday night thereafter. This week will feature live local music by the Sicklies and the local beer of the week is Franconia -- the head and assistant brewers from Franconia will be at the event if you're looking for some deep brew talk.

This new and first-of-its-kind food truck park in Dallas just got started on August 1 and the directors have been cautiously adding more events. Other than a couple "state of emergencies," so far things have been going pretty well.

"We had the first aerial mosquito spraying on our first Thursday night," said Brad Friedman with the Cedars Food Park. "Then, we had round two spraying our second Thursday night. I was happy with the turnout considering the conditions."

Parking is free and there's no entry fee. There's plenty of lovely shade under the huge trees that envelop the lawns. Plus there are some air-conditioned spots in the park if you prefer to dine inside. And considering the sprayings the previous two weeks, we're thinking the 'skeeters won't be bad.

"Overall, we are getting very good responses," said Friedman, "but we are new and still tweaking things. We are starting to book our venue for corporate happy hours and charity events, such as Paws in the City."

The Cedars Food Park is located at Dallas Heritage Village inside Old City Park at 1515 Harwood St. Follow them on their Facebook page for updates and special events.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.