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Why You Should Be Excited That Buc-ee's Might Come to DFW

It's probably surprising to everyone outside of Texas that people here get excited about a convenience store. But Buc-ee's isn't your average convenience store. Sure, other states have their truck stops and plain old gas stations, but Buc-ee's is like an oasis in the middle of otherwise desperately boring Texas highways. You've probably seen the billboards along I-35 in Dallas advertising the New Braunfels location, but only the most dedicated Beaver fans among us are willing to make that trek.

Now North Texas may be getting its own Buc-ee's. Officials in Corinth, just outside Lewisville, are moving forward with a proposal to consider allowing the chain to add a new location along new I-35 development. The decision isn't final yet, but city officials seem keen on having a ninety-six pump gas station in their city, and have offered tax incentives for the proposed new location. According to CBS DFW, Buc-ee's could start building in Corinth as soon as January 2015 if the measure is approved.

If Buc-ee's does end up in Dallas-Fort Worth, it can only mean one thing: access to Buc-ee's delicious and unique snack offerings. Aside from the gas pumps and always-clean stores, there is a dizzying array of Buc-ee's branded snacks to choose from. Here are six of the best.

Beaver Nuggets These are the obvious choice. These sweet little corn puffs are so addictive you'll find yourself dreaming about them after polishing off an entire bag. Beaver Nuggets are so popular that you can even buy them on Amazon from what is likely a shady and entirely unauthorized vendor. The name is horribly unappetizing, but one nugget is enough to change your perception.

Beef Jerky Beef jerky is like the unsung hero of snacks. It's usually pretty healthy, full of protein, and always more satisfying than a bag of chips or some boring crackers. At Buc-ee's, the selection is practically limitless, and they make their own. I'm a very particular jerky fan, and I've never been let down at Buc-ee's. The spicy version of their original beef jerky is an obvious choice, but it's probably worth your while to just pick up one of each.

The best part about a potential Dallas-area Buc-ee's is that this list doesn't even scratch the surface of the wondrous snacks that lie within their thousands of square feet. Hopefully, residents that oppose the Buc-ee's won't be able to derail the snack haven of every stoner and glutton's wildest dreams.

Kolaches Despite their presence in Central Texas, decent kolaches are relatively rare in Dallas. At Buc-ee's, the kolaches are certainly not anything like the ones you're going to find in West, but they'll do until you can make it down there for the real thing. It's also a scientifically proven fact that their jalapeno & cheese kolache cures hangovers.

(Note: if you know of a great place in Dallas to find kolaches, tell us in the comments.)

Popcorn Usually popcorn that comes in a bag is stale and disgusting, but Buc-ee's clearly has some kind of sorcerer cast a spell on theirs before it is sealed up. There are tons of different kinds of flavored popcorn, like cinnamon roll and cheddar cheese, but the old fashioned caramel popcorn is the best by far. Pro tip: grab a bag of salted peanuts from their massive wall of nuts and mix it all together for the perfect mix of salty and sweet.

Prepared foods that won't kill you For whatever reason, most gas station food looks like something they wouldn't even force death row inmates to eat. The food at Buc-ee's is practically a five-star restaurant compared to anything else you'll find at other convenience stores, no matter how tricked-up QuikTrip tries to get. Outside of their very serviceable brisket and pulled pork sandwiches, the salads are always fresh, the sandwiches never soggy, and that banana pudding tastes at least a little bit like the kind your grandma made. Best of all, you (probably) won't get e. coli!

Pickles There's no stopping Buc-ee's when it comes to pickling. These guys will pickle anything. Your standard dill and sweet pickles are on offer, but the pickled quail eggs are a Texas delicacy. Grab a jar or two of those, then stock up on pickled jalapenos, okra, beets, and green beans to kick your bloody mary game up a notch or two.

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Amy McCarthy