Robert Rhodes-Beeson

Laura Miller's article "Bad planning" [December 21, 1995] takes an undeserved hit at Dallas Plan Commission chair Hector Garcia. He's not a "lightweight." He served as vice chair of the Human Services Commission. As one of the HSC members, I can vouch for the fact that he was always well-informed and articulate. His occupation, which Miller demeans, made it possible for him to give countless volunteer hours attending City Hall meetings during the day, which many commission members cannot do. What he does for a living is irrelevant.

Miller is generally a fine investigative reporter, but this shot was wide of the mark. Hector Garcia is a great volunteer activist.

Janet Murphy

Whose burden?
I would like to comment on James Mardis' review of White Man's Burden ["Heavy load," December 14, 1995]. Understanding full well that different people have different ideas of enjoyment, I am still at a great loss to comprehend wherefrom comes the reviewer. Obviously, he cannot get past the race issue in the movie; obviously, he refuses to see the class warfare going on in this country every day; obviously, he cannot see over the wall surrounding his affluent community; and obviously, he has bought into some strange notion that people of different races are somehow above treating those below them on the economic scale with contempt.

The reviewer says, "If you buy into the movie's message of 'power corrupts, regardless of race,' then you admit and honor your racism and classism." It is one thing to come out and say the movie stunk, but it is totally absurd to comment about the state of affairs of an entire nation. Mr. Mardis' personal beliefs have clouded the review to the point of complete obfuscation. Perhaps he ought to be writing for the op-ed page.

Frank Bradley

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