Big Little Label

Dallas-based Executive Music Group squeaks by, one hit at a time.

"Ten thousand people would show up in Binghamton, New York," Swan says. "The crowds would wait and stay there all night. I was like 'What if we had a stage out there where bands can perform?'"

The thought led to an idea to have reality stars record music. Swan called the business I Saw You On TV, and with that, he was back in the music industry.

Now that Boneham's 15 minutes have passed, Swan has turned his energy to EMG.


They aren't focused on releasing North Texas artists like local labels Idol Records and Kirtland Records, which is why they are still relatively unknown around Dallas. They aren't opposed to signing local acts, but haven't seen many that they feel have commercial potential.

"If we're signing up-and-coming talent, then I gotta like it," Capricciuolo says. "They do need to have a commercial sound though."

He and Swan say they are making a living with the label — but just that, and lean times have meant cuts to their operation. "We shut down our apartment in L.A. and fired people left and right," Swan says. "We had 11 people working for us." Instead, Swan says, the pair decided to "put 100 percent into it, build it, and that's when we got the hit with The Dirty Heads."

The hit song doesn't mean the difficult days are over. It has helped put EMG in a stronger position, but Capricciuolo knows that they have to keep working hard.

"It's still a hustle everyday," he says. "You can't let your guard down, not in this business. You have to stay on top of it all the time because it could be gone in a second."

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Big Little Label

Dallas-based Executive Music Group squeaks by, one hit at a time.

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Jimmy Swan
Jimmy Swan

Hey guys - thank you so much for the push. We have a lot of great things ahead of us we can't wait to share! In fact the day this came out we got another #1 hit with 12 Stones with their song Bulletproof! Thanks again for the support...

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