Best Venue

The Granada Theater

Over the past eight years, Mike Schoder's labor of love has been a room of high quality. Even with increased competition from some great venues, The Granada finds ways to improve its product beyond the musical realm. When it comes to one-stop spending of entertainment dollars, one will find it difficult to top the Sundown/Granada concert combo. Kelly Dearmore

Blackstone Rangers
Blackstone Rangers

Best Festival

35 Denton

If a Most Improved Festival category existed, 35 Denton might be a repeat winner. The former "Conferette" has displayed the ability to evolve as quickly as it has grown. Main-stage acts the Jesus and Mary Chain and Built to Spill were impressive this year, but so were the club bookings. 2013's already shaping up to exceed this year's roster. Kelly Dearmore

Best New Venue

The Foundry

With a generously large patio area, complete with a Jenga-style concert stage, the Foundry has stepped things up in Oak Cliff. It has hosted many free shows this year, including Menkena and The O's, providing a bright new development in the local music scene. Oh, and the Chicken Scratch place next door is great, too. Eric Grubbs

Best Video

Sarah Jaffe, "Glorified High"

This video, directed by David Lowery and Toby Halbrooks, sets the tone visually for the meatier sonic experience of The Body Wins' lead single, "Glorified High." Young dancer Emily Hoffman is the real scene-stealer here, interpreting that backbeat while Jaffe mediates an almost paternal conversation on rhythm and mood.

Deb Doing Dallas

Best Poster Artist/Screenprinter

Magnificent Beard

Connor Hill and Matt Brinker have an eye for the image that will stick with you, from their "Wu-Tang for Dummies" poster to that infamous Kills suicide scene. The duo knows how to get the graphic side across, while maintaining a subtle sense of humor. Audra Schroeder

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