BLM Movement Moves to Online Shopping This Holiday

This Christmas, you can support BLM by shopping at Black-owned businesses.
This Christmas, you can support BLM by shopping at Black-owned businesses. Melissa Hennings
Six months after the death of George Floyd and following months of protests calling for police reform, the Black Lives Matter movement continues its efforts toward social reform. Locals, meanwhile, have rallied behind another tenet of the movement, economic empowerment of Black communities, through online shopping.

“During this year, many of us have found comfort from what was going on around us by pressing the checkout button,” says Dallas socialite Brittany Bullock. “This summer we saw an increase in the support that Black-owned businesses were getting. … [We need] to keep that same energy the holiday season.”

Winter months and a national rise in COVID-19 cases present a challenge for social activism dependent on in-person events, such as marches and protests. To rally around causes like Black Lives Matter, community members must shift how they think about engaging.

Tramonica Brown, founder of Not My Son, a Dallas nonprofit that organized several protests this summer, saw a decline in participation for her events this fall but an increase in consistent nonphysical support as the holidays approached. 
click to enlarge Activists supporting Black Lives Matter say Black-owned businesses can use support through online shopping. - CREATEHER STOCK/ISHA GAINES
Activists supporting Black Lives Matter say Black-owned businesses can use support through online shopping.
CreateHer Stock/Isha Gaines

“You don’t have to be present physically to be present,” Brown says. “It’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

Black Lives Matter is rooted in the goal of creating a more just, equal and unified community. Ending police brutality is a part of that overarching goal, along with overcoming the widening gap in the distribution of wealth between white and minority communities.

To effect long-lasting reform and systematic change, allies and supporters of the cause can consistently invest in minority communities, as relying on the federal and local government can sometimes be detrimental, Black businesses statistically struggle to gain business loans.

Pouring dollars into organizations and Black businesses is an effective way to rally for the cause year round, even with something as simple as online shopping.

“Systematic racism's most violent form is economic disenfranchisement,” said Tyne Dickson, student leader of Southern Methodist University BLM. “By supporting Black people who have attempted to catch up, you are doing a service to all.”

With the holidays around the corner, we found 17 black-owned businesses with holiday products you can support online in hopes of building a better community.

“We have to show [each other] what community looks like. … The community is what carries us forward,” Brown says.

For All the Trimmings (Décor, Cards & Wrapping)

5768 Grandscape Blvd. Suite 165, The Colony
Creteation turns concrete into items for your home, your wardrobe and even desk. Their holiday stock includes clever greeting cards for you to send and spread holiday cheer.

Black Wrapped
Online at Etsy
Grab your scissors, add tape and measure exactly what you need from this stationary company that offers wrapping paper with Black Santas, African prints and even words of affirmation.

Online Shop

Skip the shattered glass ornaments and safe plastic bulbs. Reecii is a paper art company that offers whimsical rolled paper art for your Christmas tree. Designs range from simple hearts to Swarovski-studded designs. Every purchase also supports outreach programs designed to improve lives.

Vibe Wall Art
Online at Etsy

Vibe Wall Art’s round, star and heart-shaped ornaments feature striking illustrations of Black women celebrated as independent tastemakers, girlfriends and sisters. If your preference is bright and merry or warm neutrals, there are color options for you.

Kiki and Nim
Online at Etsy

Minimalists rejoice at the simplicity of this mid-century style digital print shop. Kiki and Nim’s holiday collection of art prints features warm colors and classic lines “Ho, ho, ho,” “Merry, merry, merry” and “Fa la la la la.”

Brown Paper Packaging
Online at Etsy

Although the season has already started, get a jump on decorating for next year by ordering an advent calendar from this customization shop. Brown Paper Packaging even has 2020-themed ornaments celebrating Dr. Anthony Fauci and the BLM movement.

Luxe Aura Candles
Online Shop

Everybody knows what Christmas sounds like (Looking at you, Nat King Cole). Luxe Aura wax melts and candles capture the scents of the season. Delight your grandma with the “Granny’s House” or “Rudolph’s Farts” cinnamon scents.

Brooha Market
Online Shop

A self-care ritual so needed during holiday madness, a customized eucalyptus and rosemary bundle adorned with holly can make your bathroom feel like a spa. Use one in the shower and let the steam release the herb’s natural oils in the air.

For Holiday Cheer (Food & Drinks)

Mixed Leaves
Online Shop

Warm up with these handmade tea blends curated to heal and comfort the body. Add sugar to this already spiced holiday collection and you’ll feel everything nice. (We heard Santa is partial toward the Caramel Chai blend.)

Hustle Blendz
Online Shop

Served hot or cold, the Fall Back brewed coffee is blended with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg to wake you up or add holiday cheer to your day. Packs come in servings of four and packaged in a convenient plastic bottle.

So So Good Cooking
Online Shop

While baked goods are a hallmark of the holiday season, well-seasoned veggies, chicken, meat and oxtail are good all year round. A plaid-wrapped spice and measuring spoon set make a good stocking stuffer or gift for your favorite chef.

Oh Sweetie Cakes

Become a viral sensation with a chocolate, white chocolate, cookies and cream, caramel, strawberry or horchata-flavored hot cocoa bombs. These exciting treats burst open with marshmallows when touched by hot milk or water.

Castle Top Treats

Great for teachers, parents or anyone who can appreciate a moment of fun while on the go; consider a hot cocoa bomb gift set complete with two bombs, a peppermint spoon, marshmallows and insulated tumbler.

For Holiday Style

Black Girl Social Tees
Online at Etsy

Laugh now and cry later with humorous holiday tees that are bound to make even the grumpiest of Grinches smile. Black Girl Social Tees come in either black or white and feature red and green lettering recognizing the “12 Days of Corona” and “2020, You’ll Go Down in History.”

Major Kee’s Collection
Online Shop

Last-minute planners can rejoice. Stylish holiday photos are an option with unisex “It’s the Holiday for Me” or “Sleigh Ride” T-shirts from Major Kee. Buy now to take advantage of an ongoing preholiday sale.

Joy Pop
Online Shop

Small and subtle, the shop’s button-inspired earrings come in traditional pop or clip-on form. Joy Pop’s holiday collection celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa with prints available in a variety of sizes.

Online at Etsy

Matching pajama sets can seem old and tired year after year. If you’re a regular crafter, head to your nearest retailer for a basic T-shirt and use SVG ‘R US’ “Black Santa Matters” or “Have a Melanin Christmas” printable designs and be the star of your holiday photos.

Online at Etsy

If you need something clever to hold your eggnog, horchata or spiked hot chocolate, order a venti-sized Starbucks cup adorned with holiday slogans like “Sleigh All Day” from this online customization shop.

For a full list of Black businesses to support in North Texas, check out this one we wrote earlier this year.
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