Who Shot Dallas?

While we, print’s lowly writers, hope that our words will be read, we understand great photography renders us nearly obsolete. Kettle Art celebrates those who capture life’s images at their most pivotal during Shot in Dallas, a group show featuring work by nine different media photographers. Naturally, there’s a twist. While all shoot on their editors’ terms at their day gigs, at this show you’ll see what these shutterbugs seek out when left to their own devices. Yup, you’ll gape at Justin Clemons, Guy Reynolds, Alexandra Olivia, Jason Janik, Justin Terveen, Catherine Downes, Rex Curry, Robert Hart and Richard Sharum’s muses — be they food, form or weather. It’s happening in Kettle Art’s Gallery B (2650-B Main St.), is completely free and runs from 7 to 10 p.m. Thursday. Visit facebook.com/kettle.art.
Nov. 7-30, 2013


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