1919 Hemphill's 10th Anniversary

Fort Worth's DIY punk and hardcore venue 1919 Hemphill is celebrating 10 years standing this weekend. How many volunteer-run spaces can you say have done the same while strengthening the local music community in the process? Earlier this year, venue booker Rick Vandeveerdonk even stood in front of a gun protecting his venue from thugs. Friday is reunion night, with sets from Star Commander, Old-School Stymie, Dead Ramones, Negaduck, Division of Power and Those Damn Kids. Saturday, Hate Your Friends, Best Fwends, Chest Pain, the Igloos, Shortest Distance and Boogdish shake the walls. Sunday's metal show is perhaps the highlight, with chest-rattlers from Akkolyte, Wild//Tribe, Pinkish Black, Raging Boner and Electric Vengeance.


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