Akkolyte CD Release

An inaugural visit to Queen City Hall a few weekends ago showed promise for the DIY venue, which makes up the other half of Queen City Tattoo. Akkolyte drummer Stefan Gonzalez was behind the kit for Doom Siren, and their high-speed thrash blast certainly whet the appetite for Akkolyte's long-awaited debut LP. Stefan and his brother, guitarist Aaron Gonzalez, have dabbled in DFW free jazz, metal and punk since the late '90s, but Clues in the Chaospile (Tofu Carnage) is a whole different beast and strips hardcore down to its primal essence. Well, maybe grinds is a better word.

Adding to the pile of chaos are openers False, Noisear, Baring Teeth and Tyrannosorceress. Queen City's a cozy little spot, so make sure to bring some earplugs. Or, if you're truly hardcore, just accept that it will sound like a jackhammer in your head for a week after.


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