Balmorhea, Doug Burr, Bosque Brown

Who says concerts need to rock? Low-key acoustic shows can be just as moving as big-time rock extravaganzas, and the Granada Theater will prove it at this show, when it plays host to Balmorhea, Doug Burr and Bosque Brown.

Local folk songsters Bosque Brown and Doug Burr shouldn't need introduction at this point. The two have been weaving their slow Southern tales around the metroplex for a few years now, piling up the critical acclaim along the way. Bosque Brown's Mara Lee Miller showcases one of the most distinctive voices in North Texas, and Burr is sure to play a hefty amount from his recent masterpiece, O Ye Devastator, which was just re-released on vinyl. The one-two punch of these artists on the same bill is quite the treat—especially since Miller doesn't perform too often.

While most bills build toward the headliner for a climax, this one opens upward to the ether. Balmorhea features sparse, acoustic meditations that are often compared to Sigur Ros, albeit with an earthier Austin-y tinge. But where Sigur Ros often aims for a big payoff, Balmorhea is content in ruminating on an idea and letting it drift away. The band played The Loft back in May, and one has to wonder whether the larger crowd at Granada will be too much competition for what's sure to be a night of beautiful, but delicate, music. On this lineup, though, it's worth the risk.


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