Bonus MP3: Eleven Hundred Springs -- "Every Time I Get Close To You"

In the paper version of our coverage this week, Darryl Smyers calls Eleven Hundred Springs' new disc, Country Jam, "two-stepping fare of rare intellect and subtlety, a great record of real music." Having received the disc here in DC9 HQ as well, we can certainly see where Darryl's coming from--this ain't no radio country, but it ain't no southern rock or outlaw country, either. This is "there's nothing 'round here to do, so let's all grab some instruments and move the furniture around so we can have a dance floor, and, quick, someone go tell the neighbors a mile down the road about this party!" country--which is to say this disc transports you the hell out of this city, into a slower, easier-going place. And that, my friends, is a testament to Eleven Hundred Springs' talents.

Go ahead and download the first single off the album:

Eleven Hundred Springs -- "Every Time I Get Close To You"

This is moonshine music, folks. Catch Eleven Hundred Springs performing live all over town in the coming weeks, promoting this disc. --Pete Freedman

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