British SeaPower, A Classic Education, Colourmusic

The next British Invasion? Not happening anytime soon. Just ask British Sea Power. They've tried everything they could think of to break out in the United States, with only moderate success.

On their first record, The Decline of British Sea Power, the band blurred the lines between punk and indie-rock. The only uniform thing about that record was the raw energy that went into each song. On their follow-up album, Open Season, which slumped only slightly, the band took more of a pop approach with unshakable hooks found in "It Ended On An Oily Stage" and "Please Stand Up." For their third release, the band came out swinging with Do You Like Rock Music?, a raucous album consisting of some of the band's best songs yet. "No Lucifer" featured a huge chorus that was trumped only by the one in "Waving Flags," which would've been the perfect theme for the 2010 World Cup, had it not been for that terrible K'naan song of the same name.

Now, on the band's latest record, Valhalla Dancehall, they've come full circle. Songs like "Luna," and "Cleaning Out The Rooms" hearken back to the band's earlier work, while lead-off single "Living Is So Easy" sees the band making use of keyboards more than guitars.


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