The credits suggest this is some long-lost artifact from Deep Ellum circa the mid-1990s: Clay Pendergrass (Dah-veed, Vibrolux), brother Trey (Vibrolux), Chris Claridy (Fever in the Funkhouse, Jack Ingram), Reed Easterwood (Junky Southern, Meredith Miller Band), Paul Williams (Tablet) and Jack O'Neill (the "Jacko" half of Jackopierce). The music, likewise, is a welcome nostalgic throwback--22 tracks of country-fried, electrocuted jazzbo jams for the folk-pop set that long ago abandoned downtown to the punks and thugs and retired to an East Dallas front porch for a night of cold beers and warm talk. The disc descends into digital chaos the longer it plays but comes back together with the lilting, lovely "U Were There." Yeah, I was. Seems like forever ago.


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