Cryptacize, Fishboy, Shiny Around The Edges

A quick history of Cryptacize: Chris Cohen, former Deerhoof guitarist, met Nedelle Torrisi while recording as The Curtains, plucking Torrisi from obscurity as a back-up singer. The two began collaborating in 2007 and, shortly thereafter, released Cryptacize's first studio album, Dig That Treasure, after they'd recruited percussionist Michael Carreira. The two found Carreira after watching YouTube videos of him playing cowbell. Cryptacize then quickly became the darlings of label Asthmatic Kitty, bolstered by their brand of indie rock drenched in minimalist folk influences. Torrisi's yearning vocals make a perfect bedfellow for Cohen's jagged, genre-jumping guitars and Carreira's minimalist drumming.

Joining the band for its latest album, Mythomania, is bassist Aaron Olson, adding fuel to the sometimes-indescribable fire that is Cryptacize. The album is a jumbled, divine mess that coagulates into a polished, resplendent gem of confident indie rock. Cohen and Torrisi show no real fear when it comes to producing their unique sound, and that confidence is a stark, refreshing reminder that music can simply be fun—free of any dampening societal ills and pressures of conformity.

Denton acts Fishboy, which has a new EP on the way, and Shiny Around the Edges open.


Cryptacize, Fishboy, Shiny Around The Edges

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