Drew Glackin Memorial Show With Brent Best, Scott Danbom and Matt Pence

Drew Glackin was an obscure bass player for an obscure alt-country band from New York. A few weeks back, though, he passed away suddenly due to complications from an overactive thyroid. He was 45. The fact that Dan's Silverleaf is throwing this memorial show should tell you a lot about the influence of his band, The Silos. Led by singer-songwriter Walter Salas-Humera, some form of The Silos has been around for more than two decades, releasing landmark recordings (such as Cuba and Susan Across the Ocean) to critical acclaim but little popular response. Glackin was part of a resuscitated Silos, a trimmed-down power trio that surfaced around 2000. The recordings the band made with Glackin were more straightforward presentations of rock and country, offering few of the subtleties that defined The Silos' best work. Nevertheless, latter releases such as Laser Beam Next Door and 2007's Come On Like the Fast Lane featured Glackin's fluid bass work and unheralded harmony vocals. A trio of locals—Brent Best, Scott Danbom and Matt Pence—gather this night in tribute to Glackin, memorializing someone from the margins who, like most, deserved more time than he was allowed.

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