Dustin Kensrue

Most notably known as the lead singer, lyricist and guitarist for the post-hard-core quartet Thrice, Dustin Kensrue tackles an entirely different beast on his solo debut Please Come Home. While mining a stripped-down folk approach that salutes Springsteen's Nebraska, Kensrue is still an angst-ridden young man, an emo kid trying to grow up. And for the majority of the disc, Kensrue is quite believable as a sensitive roots rocker. Songs such as "I Knew You Before," "I Believe" and "Weary Saints" may be a bit clichéd lyrically, but the tunes are well thought out and the emotions are never forced. "I love how you curse me when I wake you up," Kensrue sings on "Pistol," one of the more chipper cuts, revealing a man unafraid to admit his lover holds the upper hand. With production assistance from fellow Thrice member Teppei Teranishi, Please Come Home is a pleasant surprise, a simple treat that never allows the excesses of self-indulgence to ruin its rustic charm.


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