Local H, Lions

With only The Cavern's tiny space to book in Dallas proper, Spune Productions ends up sending a large number of its more-attractive shows to the other points on the regional triangle. Case in point: Local H and Lions' shared bill at Lola's Saloon in Fort Worth. But unlike so many of Spune's potentially explosive Fort Worth shows (which fall short of expectations because of the discrepancy between the booking agency's preference for indie rock and Cowtown's taste for country and sounds from the heavier end of the rock spectrum), this bill looks like a perfect marriage of booking agency and audience. With guitar riffs so goddamn manly you start to wonder what the band's trying to make up for, the Austin-based Lions provide enough of a steroid-fueled kick to the ass to startle even the most detached spectator, and the low-mixed, scratchy vocals only add to the hazy drone of the band's sound—one largely unseen since the glam rock days of the '70s. Perhaps that's why Lions, who'll be supporting the Toadies on the Fort Worth band's upcoming summer tour, found their song "Metal Heavy Lady" featured in Guitar Hero 3.

Local H, meanwhile, offer up their post-grunge sound and the familiar guitar riffs of their 1996 radio hit "Bound for the Floor" as part of a promotional tour for their latest disc, 12 Angry Months. Lighter fare than Lions, sure, but still right up Fort Worth's alley.


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