Sydney Confirm, D Numbers, Sunward

Well this looks fun.

Just two weeks after blowing people's minds with computer-based beats, whiny vocals and contagious energy at their Melodica Festival performance, the three young men of Sydney Confirm are back on stage performing, this time at Club Dada and in a billing that looks ripe for dancing.

D Numbers, of Santa Fe, swings through the region as part of its regular touring schedule, offering an instrumental sound weird enough to make a Michel Gondry film soundtrack and catchy enough to be entrancing. Dallas' Sunward, meanwhile, looks like a band worth keeping an eye on; its melodic and catchy indie pop sounds are respectable listens, and, perhaps better yet, danceable in that as-only-seen-on-modern-scripted-television-teen-drama way. In fact, this whole billing kinda fits that oddball description. You might not know these bands too well, but they're all pretty cool. If The O.C. were still on the air and these bands weren't (mostly) local acts just trying to make it, Seth Cohen and Co. would head to see them perform at the Bait Shop, as brought to you by the FOX network.


Sydney Confirm, D Numbers, Sunward

Friday, March 14, at Club Dada

In a week in which most of the best hometown acts are performing down in Austin, this show ain't a bad diversion.


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