The Breeders

The Breeders--two of 'em, anyway.
Danny Clinch

When the Breeders formed back in the late '80s as a side project for then-Pixies bassist Kim Deal and then-Throwing Muses guitarist Tanya Donelly, their supergroup status negated the necessity of playing very many small club gigs. Even when Donelly left the band in 1992 and was replaced by Deal's twin sister, Kelley, the velocity of their hit album Last Splash and single "Cannon Ball" propelled them into a large-venue tour opening for Nirvana. So when the Deal sisters revived the band this spring, it was significant to note that they opted to play their first shows at L.A. dives like Mr. T's Bowl and the Fold.

With a brand-new lineup that includes current Fear members Richard Presley and Mondo Lopez and Jose Medeles from 22 Jacks and Crank Williams, the Breeders--with the exception of Kelley, who still resides in Ohio--are now based in L.A., and it was apparent from those get-back-on-our-feet gigs that Kim wants to get up close and personal with the folks in her new hometown. Chain-smoking and conversing casually with audience members, Kim responded enthusiastically to shouted requests for old songs from the Breeders catalog at their most recent warm-up gigs. Now on the road with a live set that also includes new material (a Steve Albini-produced 4AD album is due later this year), the Breeders are back on track and making up for lost time.

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