Good Friday (The Hurricane Ike Edition): Faux Fox, Eleven Hundred Springs, Wonderfool, Umphrey's McGee, Chomsky, The Golden Mic, Jana Hunter, The Tah-Dahs and Laura Palmer's Going Away Party, The New Year

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Wow. Busy day today, huh?

Anyway, there's lots going on this weekend. And, actually, we've told you about a lot of it already.

Tonight, there's Grandmaster Flash spinning at Ghostbar, the Street Dogs show at House of Blues and the Dr. Dog show at Lola's in Forth Worth.

On Saturday, there's Mogwai and Fuck Buttons at The Granada, the Evangelicals, Matt Bauer and Dust Congress gig at The Cavern, the American Werewolf Academy show with The Shackletons and Sparklepussy Barbie at The Double Wide, the Academy Award-winning Three 6 Mafia at House of Blues, the yawn-inspiring The Eagles show at AAC, the opening night of Grapevine's newest punk venue, the Eastwood birthday gig at the Barley House, and the all-day Method Entertainment BBQ showcase on Sunday at Club Dada.

(Hold on, I'm out of breath...)

And on Sunday, there's the Somebody's Darling CD release show at The Cavern.

Faux Fox's Forth Worth CD Release Show with Rival Gang, Sydney Confirm and Gun Gun Friday, September 12, at Chat Room Pub in Fort Worth

I mentioned Faux Fox's Dallas CD release show in my column this week--it was a good time, I guess, despite a short set and a mismatched bill supporting the danceable quartet. Tonight's bill, which features the equally dancetastic electro dance pop act Sydney Confirm seems a much better fit.

Eleven Hundred Springs Friday, September 12, at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton

Say what you want about Eleven Hundred Springs (yes, you guys), but the band's no doubt a very talented act--even if real, authentic, actual country music isn't your flavor. There's a reason these guys have a huge area fanbase, a reason why they're able to successfully tour the nation and a reason why they were able to get the votes necessary to get the win for every category they were nominated in at this year's DOMAs. No doubt that reason will be on display tonight at Dan's. Should be a great show.

Darcy, Wonderfool, 1000 Miles From Home, The Free Sleep Arena Friday, September 12, at the Curtain Club

Darcy's publicist emailed me maybe two months ago, trying to turn me on to the Denton-based act. Didn't really work, if I remember right, because, I think, of some Christian content in the band's otherwise pleasurable pop rock sound. Oh well. This apparently, is the band's CD release show. But this show isn't a complete loss. Wonderfool is actually quite the fun band to catch live, and the guys in 1000 Miles From Homes are super nice, cool guys, even if their very radio-friendly sound is a little generic for my tastes. Still it's pretty good.

Umphrey's McGee Friday, September 12, at the Granada

I know what you're thinking: "Oh, great a jam band..." But bear with me for a second, OK? As jam band's go today, you really can't do much better than Umphrey's Mcgee, who are more than just a jam band--they infuse their sound with far more progressive and rock element than your standard jam band act. And, yes, there will be tons of white guys with dreads and other stoners at this gig, but if you're even somewhat into jam music and you don't know this band. you could have a great time at tonight's gig. Maybe even find your new favorite jam band. So, there's that.

Chomsky, The Burning Hotels, New Frontier Brothers (?) Friday, September 12, at the Double Wide

I'm guessing that, in listing this show on their Web site, the Double Wide meant to say that The Frontier Brothers, of Austin and Fort Worth, are on this bill. And I'm guessing that whoever posted this listing just got confused by the fact that there's also a pretty popular act around these parts called The New Frontiers also. Either way, they're both pretty interesting acts in the pop realm (albeit very different ends of the spectrum). Still, nice marketing move! Maybe fans of both bands will show up? You guys are so clever over there! Although, let's be honest: It's not like it matters, since the real reason this show is sure to be packed is because Chomsky's on the bill. Last time they played there, the place was jam-packed with people. There was some novelty to that show--it was Chomsky's first gig in, like, forever--but I'd bet tonight's still gonna be a pretty crowded affair.

The Golden Mic Friday, September 12, at Palm Beach Club

Says Jesse Hughey: "I don't know a whole lot about the musicians on this, but a producer showcase and MC battle on the same night seems like a good way to check out some local hip-hop talent." Sounds fair to me.

Jana Hunter, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Clint Niosi Saturday, September 13, at Rubber Gloves in Denton

Arlington native Jana Hunter is pretty cool, man. She makes some pretty trippy indie pop rock with some psychedelic elements tossed in. Makes sense: She once played in Indian Jewelry (apparently) and has toured with Devendra Banhart (is signed to his label, too), Peter & The Wolf, Rasputina and some others. Thsi show should be a pretty fun homecoming gig for Hunter. And, oh look, there's Clint Niosi, again popping up on a bill., Seriously, who is this guy?

The Tah-Dahs and Laura Palmer's Big Going Away Party Saturday, September 13, at The Amsterdam Bar

The Dallas music scene is losing two very genuine, very cool, very awesome members of its core this weekend, as married farts Roy Ivy (of The Tah-Dahs) and Laura Palmer get set to jet off for the greener pastures of Chicago. Their sense of humor and unique perspective on the trivialities of the scene will no doubt be missed by many, so you can rest assured that this night at the Amsterdam, where both The Tah Dahs and Laura Palmer will be performing, is gonna be a pretty nostalgic one. Likely a good time, too. In honor of their exit, take a second a listen to (or download) the song below...

Bonus mp3:

The Tah-Dahs -- "Dallas"

Kinda an old track here--the band's Mein So-Caled Kampf (amazing album title, by the way) has been mulling about in obscurity for about two years--but no doubt this song rings a little more poignant with Ivey and Palmer's exit, no?

The New Year Album Release Party Sunday, September 14, at Good Records

On Sunday at 6 p.m. at Good Records, Matt and Bubba Kadane will be in-person and celebrating the release of their fantastic new self-titled disc. No performance, just a listening party. But there'll be free BBQ and a keg, so that's pretty cool.

...and that's your weekend, folks. --Pete Freedman

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.