Never Trust an Angel Face

Albert Pujols is breaking records and stealing titles. The Los Angeles Angels first baseman has dusted himself off from that early season slump and charged ahead, racking up 18 home runs (as of press time). He’s great to watch when he’s on a streak, unless of course you’re cheering on the Texas Rangers in their home game against the Angels this Monday. Both packs are aiming for the playoffs and positioned appropriately for exactly that, but like Highlander, in the end there can be only one. Texas is looking good for a West victory, and is still outperforming its Los Angeles rivals, but you have to wonder if it will all come down to pitching. Roy Oswalt’s back flair-ups have left him unpredictable, while the Angels have thrown stronger than ever. Trade deadlines are creeping in, so Monday night might be your last chance with this particular line-up. See it at the Ballpark in Arlington (1000 Ballpark Way, Arlington) at 6:05 tonight. Tickets start at $16 and go up.
Mon., July 30, 2012


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