Oh! He's That Guy From That Show

"One pump, eye contact. Boom! That's how you do it!" No, not that. That's how you shake hands, according to Greg Behrendt, contrasting the manly way to shake with the "wet French fry" handshake offered by a fan who identifies him as "that dude from that thing." Who am I to question his dudely wisdom? After all, this is the guy who made a fortune off He's Just Not That Into You. I would have thought that a self-help book that takes 176 pages to explain the painfully obvious to women would have struggled to sell 20 copies, let alone be adapted to film. So what do I know? But women who need it explained to them 100 different ways that a guy will ask them out if he's interested aren't the only ones Behrendt appeals to. Even guys can enjoy his jokes about relationships, particularly those who can relate to finding out that the only thing more soul-sucking than couples game night is losing at Pictionary during couples game night. Behrendt brings his Totally Into You comedy tour to the Addison Improv, 4980 Belt Line Road, Thursday through Sunday. Tickets ($22) and showtimes are at 972-404-8501 or visit improv.com.
Sun., Aug. 29, 2010


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