Steve Cruz shows 16 heads are better than one.
Steve Cruz shows 16 heads are better than one.

On the Streets

The lyin', cheatin', rat-bastard financial wizards of Wall Street might not think much of our latest investment theory. But, hey, what have they done for you lately? Here it is; short, simple, free-for-nothing, without the slightest hope of a commission: Buy art. Buy original. Buy local. During the next two weeks, you'll have the best chance to see what the local art galleries will be showing off this year. September brings the fall gallery walks, art crawls and gallery nights to both Fort Worth and Dallas. It's a darn good time to see a sampling of the work of many local artists, as well as regional and national talents--and it's a darn good time, period. It's the best afternoon-evening to get an earful of art-talk. The gallerists are giddy and eager to share; artists are available and less shy and/or agoraphobic; and free wine here and there puts everyone into a schmoozing/buying/selling mode.

The Fort Worth Art Dealers Association goes first this year, with its Fall Gallery Night on September 7. In Fort Worth, the free event runs from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. at 12 official venues, with several alternative art spaces following suit. From the long list we've included in the gallery listings, here are a few highlights. Of the FWADA member galleries, start with William Campbell Contemporary Art showing the beautiful, unusual work of Stephen Daley. Daley's sculpture and drawings are sometimes part of a single piece. Check out the recently reopened Amon Carter Museum, which is evolving from its Wild West past into a premier venue for American art, Elliot Porter and Jeanette Klute's Woodland Portraits and Laura Gilpin's architectural photography show called The Spirit of Buildings. Of the nonmember upstarts, we like Dallasite Steve Cruz's wacky uproar of a show called Cabeza Grande (Big Head) at Gallery 414.

One glitch in Fort Worth this year should be alleviated by the FWADA's event planners. Camp Bowie Boulevard, the red-brick artery that links the west side to the cultural district, is a massive pit of destruction, er, construction, not unlike McKinney Avenue was a couple of years ago. But free shuttle buses will take gallery-goers to Camp Bowie and West Seventh Street venues from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Catch them between the 3400 block of West Seventh and the 7800 block of Camp Bowie.


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