The Westin Park Central Hotel

12720 Merit Drive
Dallas, TX 75251

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  • This Ain’t The Macarena
    2 years ago by Luke Darby

    Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were heavyweights of dance. Their routines are some of the least edited and most demanding in movie history, and for all the strutting they did backward, sideways and on roller skates, you never once s...

  • Picked Up More Times Than That Cheerleading Vampire Slayer
    2 years ago by Jennifer Medina

    The smart ones know that, rather than spreading yourself thin across this vampire show and that fairy tale adventure series, you can get all of your paranormal needs met from just one program: Supernatural. For Supernatural enthusia...

  • Bendy People Unite
    3 years ago by Allison Perkins

    The Tantra Vinyasa Conference is coming to Dallas for the first time ever, but don’t be fooled; this ain’t their first bendy rodeo. For the past 14 years, hand-selected instructors and speakers have gathered at the Midwe...

  • Win with the Winchesters
    3 years ago by Michael Hutchins

    The time between seasons sucks for any television show’s fanbase, but for Supernatural’s dedicated legion it’s positively unbearable. With a month left before the season-eight premiere, how will a superfan get his ...

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