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Windmill Lounge

5320 Maple Ave.
Dallas, TX 75235
Best Of


  • Daily 4pm-2am
  • Dance Floor, Smoking
There's a line in bartender Jason Kosmas' book, Speakeasy, that talks about the benefit of hanging out in the old man’s bar. Wisdom is passed down, advice is doled out, strong drinks are poured. Windmill owner and barman Charlie Papaceno is certainly no old man, but his bar seems to be the go-to drinkery for the area's best bartenders. The Windmill, located just beyond the outskirts of Uptown, finds its charm in its divey digs. The dark room is lined with second-hand tables, and the songs on the jukebox hit the spot almost as well as the drinks. And at the heart of the place is Papaceno, who makes each drink with a smile and friendly conversation.

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