Bonus MP3: DeepSpace5 -- "Killing With Kindness"

Fine. It's Christian rap. Whatever. But here's the thing about the 10-piece hip-hop supergroup known as DeepSpace5 : They're pretty damn legit, having moved over 100,000 discs since its first release in 1998, and having shared the stage with the likes of KRS-One, Atmosphere and MF Doom. Check the above video, which took home the second-place prize when it was debuted in a competition at the 2008 Skribble Jam, for some evidence.

Earlier this week, the collective, which features three Dallas emcees ( Playdough , Freddie  Bruno and Sivion ), released The Future Ain't What It Used To Be for Rob Viktum 's Mega Royal Records . It's kind of a banger, folks--not to mention the fledgling label's biggest release to date.

After the jump, download a free mp3 of the backpacker jam, "Killing With Kindness." Listening is believing. In DeepSpace5, that is. Or, well, whatever, I guess.

Bonus mp3:

DeepSpace5 -- "Killing With Kindness"

In a word: fire.

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