John Mayer,Michael Franti & Spearhead

It wasn't that long ago that John Mayer was just the funny, guitar-playing cocksman that every college girl loved and a lot of boyfriends pretended to hate. 

But if you think his very misguided attempt at humor in a recent Playboy interview—one that included some questionable racial humor—could derail Mayer's career and keep people from going to his show, you're nuts. Sure, Mayer, at times, can be funnier than just about any touring comic across the country. But that's not what packs girls—and, yes, their boyfriends—into his shows. Rather, it's his gift of songwriting and the way he plays his guitar, plain and simple, that keep his fans coming back and packing the house when he comes to town. The guy just has a knack for writing the songs that make girls wish they could find someone who thinks their body is truly a wonderland.

Joining John Mayer and his many guitar faces is the Caribbean-infused Michael Franti & Spearhead.


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