Poster Of The Week: The Shapes At The Cavern Saturday

Poster Of The Week: The Shapes At The Cavern Saturday

Dallas psych-rockers The Shapes, featuring Lollipop Shopper Patricia Rodriguez on bass and vocals, have finally started playing live shows again after a two-year hiatus, and will bring their '60s-loving jangle-rock to The Cavern Saturday night.

This poster for the show, which also features DJ Mark Ridlen and the live debut of A. Square,  [who have a different poster, and a good one as well, here] seems to mine the same era as The Shapes. Maybe it's just me, but the way this photo of a forest is interspersed with images of tree rings and a woodgrain-paneled van reminds me of movie scenes shot in split-screen, a technique I associate with '60s movies like the Woodstock documentary. I also really love the bright yellow all over it, even though I've always thought of The Shapes as more of a black-and-white band.

Haven't heard back about who the designer is, but I'll update with the name as soon as I know.

Update: As speculated and confirmed in the comments section, the designer is The Shapes' Patricia Rodriguez.

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