Watch: Sarah Jaffe -- "Clementine"

Well, folks, as promised , here it is, the first video from Sarah Jaffe , featuring her song "Clementine," off her full-length debut, Suburban Nature .

Directed by Jon Todd Collins, whose work you might remember from recent videos from Doug Burr and The Orbans , the video debuted during Jaffe's performance at the Granada Theater on Saturday night before being released to the Internet hounds this morning .

Without question, it's a beautiful clip, featuring more than a few familiar faces--including Will Johnson (of Centro-matic, South San Gabriel), Glen Farris (of Doub Burr's backing band, his own solo work), Trenton Wheeler (of Seryn) and Jeremy Bueller (of Bosque Brown and The Hope Trust)--but don't try reading too, too much into what the story's trying to tell you. Because, well, there isn't much of a story--intentionally.

Explains Kirtland Records' Tami Thompsen, who produced the clip, the idea, rather than to give the song a cliched boy-meets-girl storyline, was just give the video a stunning visual to match its auditory offerings. I'd say that much was accomplished here, no?

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