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Dad's Potty Mouth

Katies debacle: Kudos to Matt Pulle and Jesse Hyde for their story on Elizabeth Albanese and the Press Club ("Kiss Me, Katie," June 14). They did their homework, and they wrote the story accurately, fairly and well.

The bigger challenge ahead is two-fold. First, redefining the relevancy and restoring the credibility of the Press Club itself. We need more of the journalism community to help accomplish that. Second, restoring the credibility of the Katie Awards. I agree with John Miller that it can survive and thrive, but restoring the trust that was broken will take years. We need working journalists to help accomplish that too.


Dallas Press Club

Finally, on a personal note, I'm glad my children are too young to read. Dad needs to clean up his potty mouth.

Tom Stewart


The Leppert of Two Evils

How low can you go: If Ed Oakley were to behave as mayor the way he has behaved as a candidate, Dallas would have a mayor who would stoop as low as imaginable ("Thing 1 and Thing 2," by Matt Pulle, June 14). Shameful!



Laura looks better all the time: One, I suspect, is unethical, and the other, I suspect, is incompetent. It's a tough choice who not to vote for. A year from now, Laura Miller is going to be looking like a goddess!



Cheaters We Have Known

Say it ain't so, Sammy: Sosa's bat corking incident really shouldn't have been included in this story ("Cheaters Never Win?" by Richie Whitt, June 7). All of his other bats were immediately confiscated, and none of them was corked. Hence, Sammy was apparently telling the truth when he said the corked bat was meant for batting practice only.

Johnny Ellis


Everyone has a vice: "MILF and nookies"? That's rich. Wouldn't even have been a viable phrase 10 years ago. Now with the moral corruption of society, we see the moral corruption of an icon. Not truly surprising given the state of celebrity. If we can find one in the midst that honestly has no tarnish, I would like to see them. Everyone has a vice. So I guess you can be proud to be a stone-thrower.



Flick Your Bic

Whatever they're doing, it's working: I was in attendance at the Flickerstick show on June 9, 2007. There were more than 900 people paid that walked through the door, and with the guest list there were 1,000 people. I guess Jay Webb has been too busy listening to Meiser or Blue October on 102.1 the Edge to pay attention to really talented musicians ("Home Again," Night & Day, June 7). I guess whatever Flick has been doing, it's working, because every tour they go on is even more successful than the last.

There are even talks of getting a tour bus for fall 2007. That may not sound like an accomplishment to Mr. Webb, but the self-started band has worked their way up the ladder yet again. Their success is completely fan-based and not a product of being over-spun on cheesy radio shows or shameless promotions on TV.

Look out for this band—they will do more than you think they will.

Mary Gallagher

Fort Worth

Full house: Contrary to Mr. Webb's pre-review of Flickerstick's concert at the House of Blues, it was a full house and everyone had a great time. So sorry that you are not a fan—you are missing out.

Delaine Smith


Praising Laura

A great job amidst obstacles: As our Mayor Laura Miller leaves office, I must give her three cheers in response to Jim Schutze's and Richie Whitt's ("Mayor Buzzkill," May 31) columns on her competence, leadership and accomplishments.

First, the city has grown during her watch. The construction crane again flies high. Property values have increased, city services seemed to improve and the morale of the city employees that I worked with during her term has been strong.

Second, the Dallas Cowboys stadium could not come to Dallas. We could not afford to lavish those kinds of funds on Jerry Jones when we have a great many city and social services that must be tended to. Arlington is a growing city with ample land value for development and can afford the expense of the stadium. I suspect, though, that the cash will burnish Jerry's pockets before those of her citizens.

Last, the mayor tried to be a champion for the little guy, a friend to big business, an ambassador for Dallas and tried hard to balance all three. The story of Jack Pierce in last week's issue said just that ("The Good Laura," by Jim Schutze, May 31).

With a city council where the mayor is one vote out of 15, she did a great job considering the obstacles she faced. Dallas will praise her for the courage to stand up and fight where she saw wrong. They will admire her tenacity when pressing to change things and will remember how she endured harsh criticism with grace, yet stuck to her guns.

Jim Hairston


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