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The Hangin' Judge

Arbitrary: As a practicing attorney in Dallas and a victim of one of Judge Knize's arbitrary rulings ("Bully on the Bench," by Glenna Whitley, April 12), I can wholeheartedly empathize with Finn, his client and all others who have had the opportunity to practice before Knize. It says something when "big-city" lawyers from 20 minutes away are advised to retain local counsel on cases before him in order to get a fair trial for their clients, civil or criminal. Well-written.

Name withheld


Ellis County


You've been Joeyed: I see Joey Dauben and his merry band of anarchist brownshirts got to your writer. Dauben is Ellis County's premier clown and meddler, and few take him seriously. Unfortunately your writer was one of them.

I've sat on several of Knize's juries over the years; I've been called for service and not selected a few times too. My impression of the judge was that of a gentleman and a consummate professional. He seemed well-respected by the lawyers and was considerate of the jury pool and all the participants of the trial.

Mr. Altman, who challenged Knize in the election, lost because he made a number of comments that sat very poorly with the citizenry. I had the feeling that Altman didn't really understand the rule of law but wished to make things up as he went along, with his über-conservative philosophy lighting the way. No way to run a county, that, and a large majority of the people agreed. Altman's friends have since been trying to sneak him in the back door, without success, if you read Dauben's blog.

I can see certain people getting upset at the judge, but it does come with the territory. Showing only a handful of cases to make a particular point tells me the Dallas Observer has allowed itself to be used by Dauben, who has repeatedly claimed he "single-handedly ruined the life and career" of another judge with whom he disagreed. Are you trying to put another notch on Dauben's gun at the expense of Ellis County?

In short, Ellis County's Judge Knize is not perfect, but he does the best he can, as do we all.

Cloud Hunter


Justice for all: Bravo, Glenna! What a job on Knize. Right on. I am shocked that Dallas would allow such truth to be printed. I could have added much more for her to have covered. I have spent nine years of nonstop work on my mission to expose him and many more but was not able to do it. Finally, I have a reason to actually feel age-old memories of pride with a hint of the possibility that, with God's help, justice might once be practiced again in that town and county. I've had a front-row seat to a hearing that was nothing but a circus. I saw him in action, but you can barely if ever hear what he says unless he is angry. Keep up the good work. You are going to find that this issue has only just begun. I can't wait to see what is next!

Sharon Southers-Allen


Good ol' boy network: The "The Bully on the Bench" was no surprise to me. As I read, I began to wonder if it is more the norm than the exception. Three and a half years ago I was falsely accused of a crime in Dallas County. For three years we have had continuances, discovery hearings and pretrial hearings.

I was assigned a public defender who does not appear to have an interest in my case. When he asked to get off the case, the judge denied him. When I sent letters to the judge asking for the same, she ignored my correspondence.

Is there such a thing as a fair trial? I really doubt it. As for justice in our great country...I have come to believe it doesn't exist. Money speaks, and the good ol' boy network controls. No wonder we are finding so many innocents in prison.

Audrey White


Quincy Comes Clean

Salvation in Shreveport: It was with great interest I read your recent article about Quincy Carter ("Amazing Disgrace," by Richie Whitt, April 12). His life has definitely had ups and downs. I find it curious as to why in an article about Quincy and his problems your writer felt the need to bash Shreveport and Bossier City to help make his point. Last I checked, Quincy developed and refined those problems in Dallas. Funny he had to come here to try and find a place where he could perhaps straighten his life out.

Scott Hughes


Pull Up Your Pants

First Amendment, anyone?: OK, set aside for just a second the appearance of impropriety and the apparent conflict of interest inherent in any government body using taxpayer monies to reward (or punish) the press ("We See England, We See France...," by Jim Schutze, April 12); does anybody understand what is ultimately at stake here? Do the words "First Amendment" even ring a fucking bell here? Did Librio even bother to consult the city attorneys before presenting his "Grand Plan"?

Once again, Dallas City Council has ventured blindly into that final frontier called Absolute Stupidity...very much like a moth to a flame.

My God, will someone please save these people from themselves? If I owned the Dallas Observer, I'd pray morning, noon and night that Librio's plan passes...and hire the best First Amendment lawyer money can buy, armed with phrases like "government-approved newspaper" and "government-approved audience."

What an idiot!

Reuben L. Owens



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