The Master Cleanser: Day 9

Status: Green

Weight: 157.6 (-13.5)

Mood: Bitter Better

It's not that I'm craving or lusting food. I'm really not.

It's just that, well, God I'm sick of lemons. Buying them and cutting them and squeezing them and smelling them and having their juice sting my cuticles and, yes, drinking them.

I'm even developing a hatred for Jack Lemmon, Chet Lemmon, Abe Lemmons and The Lemon Sisters.

Mentally, I long ago got over the hump of no food. In fact, far more than I look forward to eating, I'm excited about not drinking lemonade.

I think the kicker to the pucker came yesterday.

I was doing an interview at a local Cafe Express. The aroma of the food was tempting and all, but I was looking forward to a nice, clean, fresh glass of water.

"And for you?" the nice girl behind the counter asked.

"Just water," I said.

So what did I get? A big glass of ice water. Adorned, of course, with a lemon.

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