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The escape room concept reached an uninspired peak in the past year. This once-novel entertainment experience has racked up more weak and uninspired imitators than an Elvis impersonator convention. Then at the beginning of the year, Raleigh Williams and his Alcatraz Escape Games company came up with a brilliant, fresh concept. The Lewisville Labryinth takes away the tedium of trying to figure out the same, endless strain of lateral thinking puzzles and code deciphering in a single enclosed room and builds on it with a multi-room experience through different theme worlds containing a wide variety of challenges. It's designed to be an all-encompassing experience for players of all kinds, from the beefy bro who's good at physical challenges to the brainy nerd who can see patterns the way the kid in The Sixth Sense can see dead people. Williams and his crew clearly put a great deal of work, ingenuity and style into the challenges and theme worlds. The whole thing even tells a story from beginning to end by tracking players' progress with electronic ID cards leading them to a boss battle against an evil supercomputer. The Lewisville Labyrinth is a multilayered, real world point-and click adventure game.

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