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Jay Simon

The vocal duo of Dan Bowman and Tarun Krishnan spent their pandemic downtime in virtual writing and jam sessions that led to their first album, Pendulum, with Mimo Morreale on bass, Aaron Stanfield on drums, Jacob Metcalf on electric guitar and Ben Fisher on accordion. The songs are three stories that explore "how we all deal with the balance between wanting love and actually discovering it." The album may only have three tracks, but they make quite an emotional impact with a moving mix of folk and pop and the power of their dual vocals.


The last person we wanted to give a "Best Of" to in any category is Jenna Ryan, the Frisco realtor charged for her role in the riot on the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6. But fair is fair, and Jenna Ryan has been very good to the Dallas Observer this year. She tweets. We write about it. Ka-ching! Page view gold. She denied any wrongdoing and dug her heels even further with hateful replies to critics on Twitter about how she'll never go to jail because (and we quote) "I have blond hair white skin a great job a great future" [sic]. Ka-ching! Then she released a song on YouTube, a real song that she wrote, performed and recorded herself called "My Falling Heart." If she hadn't filmed herself in the grounds of the biggest political hissy fit in American history, it would be just another spiritual ballad with redundant platitudes that probably came from hand stitched throw pillows. However, when you listen to it while imagining her legal predicament, you can't help but wonder if the cries of "I know that He's there" and "I know somebody loves me" are directed toward someone who claims to be King of Israel but isn't, not at all.

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