Lauren Drewes Daniels

Chip's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Courtesy of Chips Old Fashioned Hamurgers
Chip’s Old Fashioned Hamburger is known for its juicy, one-third- to one-half-pound burgers served up on poppy-seed-encrusted buns. Add-ons range from the typical (caramelized onions, mushrooms, bacon) to the slightly more exotic (guacamole, fried green tomatoes or poblano peppers). Fries are fairly standard, but skin-on and well-seasoned, and the habitually indecisive will be pleased to find a “frings” option -- that is, a French fry and fried onion strings combo basket. There are also tater tots, giant salads, huge baked potatoes topped with everything from chicken strips and gravy to pulled pork, and damn fine milkshakes made nice and thick with Blue Bell ice cream.

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