Hypnotic Donuts

Heavily influenced by the legendary Voodoo Donuts in Portland, Oregon, Hypnotic trailblazed the off-kilter doughnuts movement in Dallas. Tucked away in a strip mall near White Rock Lake, the interior resembles a cozy '70s basement, complete with shag rug and retro color scheme; a comfy couch is the perfect place to curl up with a Canadian Healthcare – that’s a maple-glazed long john adorned with strips of bacon – or a ZooRopa, covered in sprinkles and those oh-so-nostalgic pink and white frosted animal cookies. For those lacking a rabid sweet tooth, there are plenty of savory options in the form of chicken biscuits. Chicken breast is marinated for 24 hours, then deep-fried to glistening golden brown and placed on a fluffy house-made biscuit with accoutrements ranging from cream gravy and tater tots to pepper jack and jalapeños.

Restaurant Details