Ojeda's Mexican Restaurant

Owner Ben Ojeda's modest culinary beginnings began when the owner supplemented his Army rations with chiles and veggies during World War II. In 1969, he and wife Cecilia Ruiz (Mama Ojeda) rented the old Peter Pan Grill and opened this staple of the Dallas Tex-Mex restaurant scene. The rich and famous (President Bill Clinton and Jack Nicholson, among them) and the hungry go to enjoy the all-day Tex-Mex-style breakfast, the much-praised enchiladas, and the combos, like the beef enchilada, soft cheese taco and beef taco. Let's not forget Ojeda's Meltdown margarita. Patrons drive from all over the metroplex to dine at Ojeda's, still run by Mama Ojeda and her 14 children.