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Yebeg tibs (lamb)
Eric Mayne
Yebeg tibs (lamb)

Queen Of Sheba Restaurant

One of the most recognizable exported cuisines from the Motherland comes from the eastern side of the continent. The rise of Ethiopian immigrants arriving to the United States probably started in the ‘70s when the country was facing food shortages and political unrest. Over the years the numbers of East Africans have risen and as they carve out a new life in Dallas we can thank the heavenly stars they brought their food with them. Queen of Sheba was the first to introduce me to the enchanting rich flavors of Ethiopian food. If you have never tried it, it will be an experience you won't easily forget.

Inejra (a spongy sour fermented crepe-like flatbread) is the staple of each meal. Your entrée of choice is spread out in a decadent fashion across the injera with extra rolls of injera on the side to be the vehicle you use to eat with. No utensils are needed. I almost always order the kitfo (minced raw beef with various spices) as an appetizer. Other personal favorites are the doro wot (slow-cooked chicken with butter sauce and berbere) and the Tibse (round beef with red onions, jalapeno, garlic in a spicy butter sauce). Ethiopian is famously spicy, so if you can’t take the heat be sure to let them know. Don’t try to be a hero.