David Lowery: Texas' Director Matthew Posey: In-House Creative Johny Hendricks: The Puncher
Angela Scott: Always on Her Heels Megan Wilkes and Mary Sparks: United by Pie Chad Houser: The Provider
Amanda Newton: The Multitasker Jennifer Seman: Dr. DIY Tex Bosley: The Beat Maker
Gordon Keith: The Secret Sage Krys Boyd: The Curious Mind Zach Loyd and Casey Nogueira: The Couple That Plays
Michael Peticolas: Backyard Brewer Stephen Lapthisophon: Eyes Wide Open Sally Glass: The Print Maker
Gabe Sanchez: Tender Barman Tracy Popken: Keeping Time Edward Ruiz: Magic Artist
Liz Mikel: Queen of the Boards Angela Hunt: Going Out Swinging DeMarco Murray: Up and Running
Gabriella Draney: Sparking Start-Ups Jason Villalba: Mr. Reasonable DISD Kindergartners: The Future Was Yesterday
Miriam Ortega: The Matriarch Paul Varghese: Conducting Funny Akwete Tyehimba: Keep Connecting
Jeremy Strick: The Director Tina Parker: Top Dog Gene and Tommie West: Reviving the Relatives

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