A First Look at the New Bar in Deep Ellum, Three Links

Former bar LaGrange is quickly morphing into Deep Ellum's newest addition, Three Links. The bar will be headed by three members of the Odd Fellows society: Scott Beggs, former La Grange manager, Oliver Peck, Elm Street Tattoo owner and acclaimed tattoo artist, and Kris Youmans, Tactics Productions owner and talent buyer.

Brian Smith, Three Links bar manager, goes into further detail about the fresh facelift on 2704 Elm Street. " We aren't fully operational yet," says Smith. "We are technically under the pop-up bar license and are selling alcohol under Trees' catering. We are in the process of putting in the beer tap, but eventually we will have a pretty good spread. We'll have 16 taps and an assortment of packaged and craft beers. There will also be some top shelf bourbon, whiskey, and other liquors. We want this to be a good spot to get a stiff drink and see a great show."

Smith says that Three Links plans to show the same types of music as former La Grange, while adding in a few other types of sounds. "Scott Beggs is still the main agent so we will be showing a lot of punk, rock and indie bands," says Smith. "But Kris [Youmans] will be bringing in some other music, such as electronic and other sorts as well."

With the modern track lights hanging from the ceiling and a recently refurnished bar, it's easy to tell that a lot of renovation has gone into the overall appearance of the venue. "We built a new, bigger stage, put in a whole new light system, and installed a different style bar," says Smith. "We also upgraded the sound system. It's something that we wanted to be the focal point of the bar. LaGrange had a pretty good system already, but this one has more power and more headroom."

Smith says Three Links is hoping to be officially open the first weekend of April, where they have a great line-up of bands. "We will be fully operational alongside Fuzzy's," says Smith. "We'll be open 7 days a week and plan on coordinating some drink specials with the restaurant."

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