A "Smash" Hit From Deep Snapper; Bar of Soap Now Officially Closed

I was all ready to hype Deep Snapper's next gig, September 24 at the Bar of Soap, but, umm, looks like it ain't happening after all. Mark Carter of Madison Partners, longtime landlord for BoS owners Charlie and Tanna Gilder, told Robert Wilonsky that he changed the locks Tuesday after he found the joint cleaned out. Sad news indeed, but no surprise, given the warning signs.

So your next chance to see Deep Snapper will be in October. Keep an eye on the band's Web site or MySpace page for upcoming shows.

In this week's print product you'll find a review of the Minutemen-loving trio's latest effort, Into The Ugly. It's a great album and I recommend you pick up a copy. If you need more convincing, though, download "Plato Smash" and give it a listen.--Jesse Hughey

Bonus mp3: Deep Snapper -- "Plato Smash"

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