Behind The Scenes: Dallas Hip-Hop Prepares For The NBA All-Star Game

...and for you relics still stuck on YouTube, here's your link.

Many thanks to Observer Web editor Patrick Michels for popping by a certain unnamed area high school gymnasium this past Saturday morning to join photographer Steven Visneau, art director Alex Flores and yours truly as we welcomed Play-N-Skillz, Treal Lee & Prince Rick, Mr. Hit Dat Hoe, Bone, Inertia and DJ Drop to the photo shoot for this week's cover story on the D-Town Boogie movement and the pressures its facing heading into the impending NBA All-Star Weekend. With interview footage captured that morning between photo sessions, Michels scrapped together the above video, which capably puts some faces and names and, yes, hopes too, onto the D-Town Boogie sound and so-called movement.

It was a fun, rather laid-back morning, giving some of the biggest names in the scene a chance to reflect on where they've come from and just how far they might be able to go once this weekend comes to its close. The early-morning shoot brought some on-lookers from a local high school soccer team, too, who gathered by the gymnasium door to point and gossip excitedly about the big names inside. But the movers and shakers in the Boogie scene didn't really mind--as you'll see in the clip, they gladly hammed it up with their young fans, too.

Anyway, check the clip out. It's a rather refreshing watch, too--these guys are as excited as they are nervous.

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