Blackstone Rangers Make You a Summer Mixtape

In preview of the release party for debut EP Into the Sea, tonight at Bryan Street Tavern, we asked local trio Blackstone Rangers to give us a few of their favorite summer songs. Not necessarily songs about summer, but ones that they associate with the season.

Derek Kutzer, guitar

Weezer," Surf Wax America" Reminds me so much of summer in middle school, staying home, doing absolutely nothing. And how much I resented my parents for bringing me up so removed from the ocean. Damn them!

The Beach Boys, "Sloop John B" Because it's from the summeriest band ever.

Crocodiles, "Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)" I foresee this song being a huge part of this whole god-forsaken summer.

Ruth Smith, keys

The Ventures, "Calcutta" Every song from this band is a summer song, but this one especially makes me happy in my head.

Starfucker, "Myke Ptyson" Hand claps, accordion, school's out, grab a blanket, and let's drive as far as we can -- sleep outside!

Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya (CSS Remix), "Fuck Friend" Summertime in Texas, ladies wear little to nothing. Lots of one-night stands after a drunken night of sweating on the dance floor.

Dan Bornhorst, drums

M83, "Claudia Lewis" Their show at Granada signaled the beginning of the summer, for me.

Paul Simon, "Graceland" This is the album's 25th anniversary, and it's a perfect road trip song.

My Bloody Valentine, "Loomer" Sounds like waves reaching a shore.

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