Bonus MP3: Analog Rebellion -- "Nursing Home Hallways"

Bonus MP3: Analog Rebellion -- "Nursing Home Hallways"

It's a big day for Daniel Hunter, nee PlayRadioPlay! and currently of the Analog Rebellion moniker. Today, after all, is the day his Analog Rebellion debut, Ancient Electrons, earns its release.

But it's also the day in which he's purging himself of any and all PlayRadioPlay! material. See, in addition to releasing Ancient Electrons, today sees the release of Hunter's Besides, Nothing double-disc--a release in which he's simply purging himself of any and all tracks recorded and discarded over the past three years. Just another 40 tracks, no big deal.

Both albums are available for purchase through Hunter's own site. And, in anticipation of this double-release, Hunter, who recently stopped by our El Sibil studios for a visit, was kind enough to pass along DC9 readers a free track to download from Besides, Nothing.

Called "Nursing Home Hallways," the track is a dark one. It wouldn't be out of place on Ancient Electrons, an album we here at DC9 pretty much adore. That makes sense, though: "It's an unfinished Analog Rebellion demo," writes Hunter. There you go.

Hit the jump to hear it.

Bonus mp3:

Analog Rebellion -- "Nursing Home Hallways"

I'd say this song pretty accurately captures the hell that it is to visit a nursing home, something anyone in their right mind never, ever enjoys.

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